Solutions for the Airport Baggage Handling Market

Portec Baggage Handling System Belts

North Side is an authorized stocking distributor for Interroll® Portec® OEM replacement belts for airport baggage handling systems.

We recognize that this market demands time-critical response to system breakdowns. In order to serve the needs of East Coast airlines and airports, we now stock in New York the most common Portec belts and replacement parts used in baggage handling systems, including:

Portec logo_screencap

652009 – 48C39 F30 PVOP 77L

601172 – 48C39 F45 PVOP 114.5L

402904 – 48C39 F60 PVOP 152L

402930 – 48C39 F90 27T PVOP 227L

402497 – C4838 90 PVOP 229L

557807 – 48C39 SP 45 SR-FR 116L 12ED FITS SPIRAL 45 W/12″ RISE

875004 – 48C39 SP90 SR-FR 227L 12ED 27T FITS SPIRAL 90 W/24″ RISE

875000 – 48C39 SP90 SR-FR 229L 24ED 27T

402497 – C4838 90 PVOP 229L


Portec belts are boxed and ready for customer pickup, messenger delivery, or UPS shipment.

Please contact us with any other requirements for Portec OEM replacement belts or parts, providing the turn model number, serial number and part description.

Beltservice Pro Turn Baggage Handling System Belts

North Side also stocks Beltservice® Pro Turn® replacement urethane guide belts, glued and stitched on the belt’s edge for added durability. Pro Turn belts feature an open-faced “pin-and-go” system, speeding installation and saving costly downtime. Pro Turn power turn belts generally in stock in New York and boxed for emergency same-day shipment include:

49-E38-90° flat belt

49-E38-45° flat belt

61-56-SP90° 24” spiral belt


Talk to Our Specialists

We offer selected accounts on-site product training sessions and facility surveys. Please contact our baggage handling product line specialist, Mark Brehaspat, for further details. Customers with established accounts may also call him for emergency after-hours service at 347-724-2856. Special opening charges may apply.