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For years, our Frank Tracy Division has been a leading distributor of bearings and industrial power transmission products to New York City’s standard setting commercial office buildings, medical centers, and educational and cultural institutions.

We represent world-class manufacturers of these products (we invite you to download our line card), including Baldor, Bando USA, Browning, Carlisle, Diamond Chain, Fafnir, Flexible Steel, Kop-Flex, Leeson, Lovejoy, Martin Sprocket, McGill, Morse, MRC, NTN, Optibelt, RBC, Sealmaster, SEW Eurodrive, SKF, TB Wood’s, Timken, Torrington and U.S. Seal.

Energy Efficient Solutions for the NYC Building Market

Through our Energy Efficient Solutions project with Browning and SKF, we offer buildings proven, state-of-the-art solutions for improved mechanical belt drive efficiency …

Belt Alignment
SKF® TKBA Series Laser Belt Alignment Tools
Belt Construction
Browning® Gripnotch EPDM Belts
Belt Tension
Browning® Tenso-set™ Self-Tensioning Motor Bases
Optimized Drive Selection
EDGE Online

… supported by on-site product demonstrations and staff training.

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SKF® TKBA Series Laser Belt Alignment Tool


Increase bearing life.
Increase machinery uptime, efficiency and productivity.
Reduce wear on pulleys and belts.
Reduce friction and thereby energy consumption.
Reduce noise and vibration.
Reduce costs of replacing components and machinery downtime.


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Browning® Gripnotch EPDM Belts


Greater operating temperature range … -60° F to +250° F … compared to industry standard -30° F to +140° F.
Increased energy efficiency, up to 3%, when replacing a wrapped belt with 3VX, 5VX, 8VX, AX, BX and CX Browning notched EPDM belts.
Critical design differences which transmit maximum horsepower, increase efficiency, reduce vibration, increase drive life, and increase bearing life.
Longer belt life.
Smoother running due to higher tolerance for misalignment.
Code 1 matched belts, designed to exceed RMA matching limits.

Browning label belt image

Motors on HVAC fans and blowers are the second highest electrical energy draw in a commercial facility, after lighting. A typical 20 HP electrical motor running continuously at full load costs more than $14,000 per year to operate at a cost of $0.10/kwh.

Download the Browning Toolbox Technician and HVAC Energy Efficiency Calculator, and instantly calculate estimated savings potential of upgrading from a wrapped (up to 95% efficient) to a notched (up to 98% efficient) v-belt. How much can a 3% efficiency gain save you?

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Browning® Tenso-set™ Self-Tensioning Motor Base

The new Browning Tenso-set™ Series 600 horizontal sliding motor base with optional quick release (QR) is an industry first for v-belt drives, enhancing technician convenience and belt drive efficiency by automatically maintaining belt tension for extended periods and allowing belt changes in just minutes.


Significantly reduces time required to change v-belts.
Promotes greater efficiency by constantly maintaining v-belt tension.
Tube rail and one-piece carriage design promote and maintain superior drive alignment.
Improved safety. No need to cut off belts or roll them onto sheaves.

Motor Base

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In partnership with SKF and Browning, we are pleased to offer, at no cost, product demonstrations and training to larger New York City commercial and institutional accounts.

For senior property and engineering management, this may simply involve an overview of each of these new products and technologies, and how they can impact the energy footprint of a building. For supervisory and maintenance staff, we offer, again at no charge, detailed introductions to these products as well as hands-on training on belt installation, belt tensioning, belt alignment, and worn sheave identification, all key drivers of energy efficiency.

Please contact us to discuss training opportunities appropriate to your organization.

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