Solutions for the Power Generation Market

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Lovejoy® flexible couplings and power transmission products address critical operational issues that face today’s power generation plants. Lovejoy provides solutions that are resistant to corrosion, require no lubrication, lower maintenance and downtime costs, and reduce noise levels, all with the quality and value you expect from Lovejoy. Learn more …

In partnership with Lovejoy, North Side is pleased to provide U.S. power plants with immediate, in-stock access to the most common Lovejoy / Sier-Bath® Frame 5 load and accessory couplings, including (subject to prior sale):

Sier-Bath C-7280 (226A1238P001) load coupling

Sier-Bath C-7290 (226A1267P001) accessory coupling

Couplings are crated and ready for same-day motor or air freight shipment from North Side.  All couplings are manufactured in the United States and carry Lovejoy’s Certificate of Conformance.

Other critical Frame 5 load and accessory couplings maintained at the factory as “finish-to-order” products, with best-in-industry lead-times, include (subject to prior sale):

Sier-Bath C-7406 (235A9671P1) – 8 weeks

Sier-Bath C-7282 and C-7377 (235A8493P1) – 2 weeks

Sier-Bath C-7364 (235A7683P1) – 2 weeks

Please contact us for current availability, pricing and approval drawings.

Additional Frame 5 high speed gear couplings are available for special order, with typical manufacturing lead-times of  8-20 weeks.  When requesting a quotation, please provide the Sier-Bath “C” number, drawing or order sheet number and, if possible, the BSE or DBFF dimension.